Marazzi Group Italia adopts new digital technologies from Projecta Engineering


Marazzi Group has adopted the two latest new digital products from Siti B&T Group member company Projecta Engineering for use at its facilities in Fiorano and Sassuolo: G5, the new generation of digital decorating machines launched in June 2015, and Evo7 (Hybrid Model).

The first completely modular digital decoration system, G5 covers the entire glazing process and further improves all digital technologies developed to date. For the facility in Fiorano, Marazzi has chosen a G5 with a 915 mm printing width and 6 colour bars equipped with new Seiko printheads.

The Evo7 (Hybrid Model) installed in the Sassuolo facility has a printing width of 1120 mm with 6 colour bars, again fitted with Seiko printheads.

With these latest-generation installations, Projecta Engineering further strengthens its close collaboration with the Marazzi Italia Group, which once again is focusing on technological innovation as the key to success and to increasing its competitiveness.