Migratech 4.0 from LB for Saxa Gres: a circular and sustainable project


The highly sustainable plant will deliver significant savings of gas, water and additives.

LB technology is set to play a leading role in the new Saxa Grestone plant at Roccasecca (Frosinone), where work is under way to convert the former Ideal Standard factory to the production of porcelain cobblestones.

This innovative and sustainable material is made from waste products including inert ash originating from waste-to-energy plants. The project is based on circular economy principles and required sustainable technologies, for which purpose LB supplied a Migratech 4.0 plant consisting of three complete body preparation lines. The line will bring significant savings compared to traditional wet processes, including gas (68.2%), water (69.7%) and additives (95%).

The plant is equipped with the new LB 4.0 production process control software to guarantee maximum operational efficiency.

The scope of supply also includes a scheduled and preventive maintenance programme that includes sale, management and installation of spare parts (including normal wear parts).

The plant will begin operation in the first few months of 2020 and will guarantee a total production of 45 tons/hour.