Monalisa partners with Sacmi to produce the world’s largest ceramic slab


Measuring 1.8 x 6.1 m, the giant slab rolled off the new Sacmi Continua +2180 line that was developed and launched in record time a few days earlier.

Monalisa, an industry’s leading Chinese brand and a key player on the large ceramic slab market for over 10 years, has produced a record-breaking slab thanks to Sacmi’s latest ceramic slab manufacturing technology.

The official announcement came on 27th January 2021. It was issued by the firm’s headquarters in Xiqiao, in the Guangdong district, after the first slab (measuring a stunning 1.8 x 6.1 m, a world record) rolled off the Sacmi Continua+ line that had started up only a few days earlier.

The new line features the PCR 2180, the latest model in the Sacmi Continua+ family, the global standard-setter for the manufacture of ceramic slabs and their sub-sizes. This new solution provides a comprehensive set of advantages as it is designed to provide the customer with optimal versatility when it comes to managing size and thickness. A key feature on this new model is the increased width of the compactor belt; this allows for the production of slabs as wide as 1800 mm, of variable length and thickness (the latter ranging from 3 to 20 mm).

The most productive compactor ever (up to 21,500 m2/day), the PCR 2180 also stands out on account of automated settings and extreme user-friendliness, as demonstrated by the record-breaking installation and start-up times; in fact, the first maxi-slab was produced only a few days after the first test runs.

Automatic settings and integration with the TPV cutting unit mean maximum manufacturing versatility, allowing the customer to create products of high added value with through-the-body effects: all thanks to a line that also features, downstream from the compactor, the innovative Sacmi MDX system for real-time slab density and thickness control. Result: maximum quality, maximum process repeatability.

This latest high-performance stoneware slab plant is part of the key Monalisa 2020 project, an ambitious investment plan that aims to strengthen the customer's role as one of China’s innovation trailblazers.

Indeed, the company couldn’t be more satisfied with the Continua+, “a technology that revolutionizes the pressing concept to provide unprecedented customization opportunities”. So, not just a slab of record size, then, but one that “incorporates technology, consistency and aesthetics”.

Close support from SACMI Nanhai, the hub for all SACMI assistance services before during and after the sale throughout China, played a key role in completing this order.