New Incepa panels are already a success

Celso Cavalli, CEO of Incepa

Incepa (Roca Group), one of the best-known Brazilian brands in the ceramic tile and sanitaryware sectors, has expressed its complete satisfaction with its entry into the ceramic panel segment less than two years ago. The start-up of the new Continua+ line from Sacmi in April 2015 in the factory in Campo Largo was the first time this innovative technology had been installed anywhere in the American continent. Since then, the company has produced numerous new porcelain tile collections using this technology, including technical polished, natural unpolished and satin finished tiles, polished glazed tiles and tiles produced with double loading and soluble salts.

 “The market response has been very positive in all segments and distribution channels, both in Brazil and abroad,” confirmed Celso Cavalli, CEO of Incepa. “Most customers immediately understood the opportunities offered by these products and we really felt a sense of anticipation in the market.”

The Incepa graphic design departments are hard at work designing the new products to be unveiled at Revestir 2017.

“Everyone knows that the Brazilian economy is going through a difficult period,” added Cavalli. “But being part of a free trade region enables us to maintain our production levels and fine-tune our production processes while waiting for the situation in the country to improve. A small recovery will probably come in 2017 and we have great expectations for the panels produced on the Continua+ line.”

The new production line has been fully exploited in terms of its speed and efficiency and it has brought excellent results. The most important characteristics observed by the technical staff and by Cavalli himself include the constant density over the entire surface of the panel and the possibility of using two different ceramic bodies without reducing the speed of the line, an aspect that brings benefits in terms of raw materials management costs.