New partnership between Essepienne and Terratrends


Essepienne, a Sassuolo-based supplier of parts and equipment for the ceramic sector, is continuing its development process and expanding its product range following growth in the first half of 2016.

The company has begun a large-scale partnership with Terratrends (UK), a company specialising in the supply of raw materials for the ceramic (tiles, tableware, glazes and engobes) and cosmetics industries, Ukrainian clays for the production of full-body and glazed porcelain tile, and sintered alumina spheres (Sphaera trademark) used for wet and dry grinding of raw materials for ceramic bodies, glazes and engobes.

The new partnership will enable Essepienne to further strengthen its relationship with customers by increasing its technical expertise and offering specific support for a range of production issues. It will concentrate in particular on R&D in the large-format panel and slab segment, with a focus on equipment and spare parts as well as raw materials.

Terratrends has R&D and sales branches in Italy, and through the partnership with Essepienne is aiming to develop product distribution and technical support synergies in international markets.