New Pearl opts for Lamgea by System to produce its new slabs


New Pearl, the largest ceramic tile manufacturer in China, has selected the Lamgea 30000 ton press technology by System, thanks to which it will enter the large-format ceramic panel segment, aiming to become the main local player of this new product typology.

The Lamgea moldless press will be installed in 2017 at one of New Pearl’s facilities in Foshan and will produce ceramic panels with sizes up to 1.6 x 3.2 metres with variable thicknesses (from 6 to 20 mm), according to market demands. The highly innovative technology developed by System convinced the Chinese company: the technology to compact atomised powders guarantees flawless air removal from the material, while the highly flexible pressing system features various options for customization; the press applies a force of up to 30,000 tons and the work cycle ensures precision throughout the entire process.

New Pearl’s recent investment opens a new and interesting chapter in the technological partnership between System and the Chinese manufacturer: up to now, in fact, New Pearl had only adopted System digital decoration technology, with almost 40 Creadigit printers in function in the Group’s factories located in the Guangdong and Jiangxi regions.