Pamesa Group expects further strong growth in revenues this year


Pamesa Group’s CEO Jorge Bauset expects to close the year 2018 with a further growth of the group’s consolidated turnover, which could reach 640 million euros.

Jorge Bauset, CEO Pamesa

With an annual tile production of almost 80 million sq.m and sales of 85 million sq.m (including around 6 million sq.m of tiles purchased from outside manufacturers), Grupo Industrial Pamesa of Castellón, Spain has confirmed its position in 2017 as the biggest producer by volume in Europe and the seventh largest in the world.

The group led by chairman Fernando Roig has experienced rapid growth in revenues in recent years. “In 2017 the group’s consolidated turnover rose to 580 million euros, while its profits grew by 13% to 51.1 million euros”, Jorge Bauset (CEO) stated. “In 2018 we expect to raise production by around 15% and to see similar growth in sales revenues. As for the total Pamesa Group turnover we should reach 640 million euros”.

Pamesa Group consists of 6 brands (TAU, Pamesa, Ecoceramic, Geotiles, Prissmacer and Navarti).

TAU (which was acquired in 2016) absorbed the largest share of investments in the last two years, with the latest kiln, the fifth, which was installed in March this year.

This year TAU brand sales are likely to reach 45-50 million euros, equivalent to around 10% of the group’s tile revenues”, Bauset said. “This is a good result, but there’s still plenty of room for further growth. We believe that TAU’s revenues could easily return to above 100 million euros”. 

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