Peronda makes major investment in the full-digital process with System technologies


The equipment supplied by System for the factory in Onda includes a number of Creadigit units for single-pass inkjet printing.

One of System’s biggest successes in the Spanish market in 2018 is the new full-digital line in Peronda devoted to the production of large-size porcelain surfaces.

A number of Creadigit units for single-pass inkjet printing of sizes 1200x1200 mm, 1000x1000 mm and 600x1800 mm were installed in the factory in Onda (Castellón).

The line is also equipped with an innovative Creavision vision and self-regulation system which inspects the tile when it enters the Creadigit printer and adapts the graphic image to the real position of the tile to guarantee precision to a tenth of a millimetre.

Peronda has also confirmed its preference for System solutions for the end-of-line stage with the installation of a Multigecko system for sorting large ceramic surfaces, a BS08 packaging machine and a Griffon palletiser.