Piccinini family acquires 100% shareholding in Smaltochimica


In the year of the 40th anniversary of Smaltochimica, the Piccinini family - the historic shareholder and founder of the company back in 1977 - has purchased all the shares owned by Ferro Italia, thereby acquiring 100% of the company’s capital.

The operation will enable Smaltochimica to operate with greater autonomy in a highly selective and rapidly-evolving market and to complete its technological development and sales policies in the sector of products and services for tile production based on digital technology.

In this field the company has already achieved significant results and confirms its commitment to further strengthening its market position in the future, not only for traditional additives but also for innovative products designed for specific processing requirements with digital systems.

It will focus in particular on digital glazing and decoration, especially in the development of environment-friendly low-emission products.