Plastorgomma Service celebrates its 50th anniversary


Ahead of the celebrations to be held on 10 October this year, Plastorgomma Service has renewed its communication tools and expanded its stock of products.

Plastorgomma Service (Rubiera, Reggio Emilia), a company specialising in the distribution of technical industrial supplies, power transmissions and spare parts for ceramic production, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

Founded in 1969 by Giuseppe Zambelli, who died in 2016, the company is now led by his son Claudio. Founded fifty years ago as a small local business, Plastorgomma Service grew over the years and invested in research and in optimising its product range. Along with its Italian headquarters, it now also operates in the Russian market through the branch Plastorgomma Russia. It has 25 employees and 15 exclusive agreements with foreign commercial companies while selling direct to the main ceramic districts around the world.

To celebrate this year’s milestone and to prepare for future goals, the company has renewed its communication tools by restyling the logo and updating all the technical catalogues, and has expanded its stock of products. The fiftieth anniversary celebrations will be held on 10 October in the presence of employees, customers and suppliers, the people who have contributed to Plastorgomma Service’s growth over the years.