Polish company Cerrad makes new investments


In September this year, the Polish company Cerrad owned by Karolina and Aleksander Sznyrowski started up in Starachowice its brand-new plant for the production of large-format porcelain floor tiles.

Building work began in December 2014 on a non-urbanised plot and the new plant was fully operative just 9 months later, thanks to the managerial skills of Cerrad and excellent coordination by the Sacmi Technical Assistance service. The new line has a production capacity of over 14,000 sq.m/day.

The Sacmi grinding and spray-drying system is one of the largest in Poland, with three TFP120 turbo-crushers, a modular MMC111 mill and an ATM110 spray-dryer capable of processing both local and imported raw materials, all of which have been thoroughly analysed by the Sacmi Research Centre and Cerrad technologists.

Pressing is performed by two PH6500 presses equipped with CRS (Rapid Mould Change) systems, followed by an ECP285 horizontal dryer.

Firing is performed in a top-of-the-range EKO kiln from Sacmi Forni, which delivers unprecedented performance in terms of consumption, quality, eco-friendliness and ease of setting. With a 2950 mm wide infeed and a length of over 140 metres, it is the largest tile firing kiln installed in Poland.

This new investment follows the previous one, just three years ago, when Cerrad started up its pressed clinker plant (one of the most automated, productive and flexible), and will allow the company to play a pivotal role in the ceramic industry.