Poppi Clementino to supply new plant to Cotto Petrus


Cotto Petrus will equip its Roteglia plant with a highly automated system for recovering heat from the three kilns and supplying it to the dryer and spray dryer.

Following a previous supply, the ceramic producer Cotto Petrus has commissioned Poppi Clementino to install a new heat recovery system at its production site in Roteglia, Italy.

Drawing from its extensive experience in the field of energy saving, especially in ceramic factories, Poppi Clementino has designed a customised plant that guarantees complete reuse of all the energy currently lost to the atmosphere without altering either the production process or the operation of the machinery involved (kilns, dryers and spray dryer).

The plant will recover heat by collecting the intermediate and final cooling air from three new-generation roller kilns and feed it to three horizontal dryers and a spray dryer (ATM 180). This will bring considerable savings in terms of primary energy, leading to a reduction in the greenhouse effect and a significant decrease in the quantity of CO2 released into the atmosphere.

The design process included an in-depth study of the Cotto Petrus factory to enable the pipework to be laid out in such a way as to optimise the available space and ensure ease of installation. The plant’s high level of automation coupled with use of the Poppi Intelligent System enables it to prioritise heat recovery to the most energy-intensive user device, namely the spray dryer. The system qualifies for Energy Efficiency Credits (EECs) and also uses a remote assistance system via smartphone or computer to perform a preliminary analysis of the plant’s working conditions in real time and take prompt action to optimise it.