ReMix presents REWhite® brand whitener


ReMix (C.B.C. Group), a company that has been operating since 2010 in the field of compounds and mixtures for the ceramic industry, recently registered the REWhite® trademark which it will use to strengthen its position in the market of whiteners for ceramic bodies and engobes in Italy and abroad.

The whiteners (an original and exclusive product of C.B.C. Group) are based on advanced technical research conducted by the ReMix laboratory and are the most important of the new products developed by the company based on wet milling. Designed to replace zirconium silicate through the use of premium quality minerals and oxides, they have a more stable price and comply with radioactivity regulations in force in various countries.

The outstanding market success of this product has enabled ReMix to establish itself amongst the leaders in the whitener and glaze sector and to expand its range with the development of a new bleaching solution for digital inks and glazes that can be used on both tiles and sanitaryware.