Robatech becomes increasingly eco-friendly


The Green Gluing brand’s first year and a half have brought positive overall results. Robatech continues its environmental good practices

About a year and a half after the launch of the new Green Gluing brand, Robatech is maintaining its commitment to environmental sustainability.

The Muri, Switzerland-based multinational company, a world leader in the field of green solutions for the application of cold and hotmelt glue for a range of industrial sectors, is increasingly focused on innovative and sustainable technologies.

In one particularly commendable initiative, last May the company launched a voting action scheme on its website in support of the environmental organisations Rainforest Alliance, Ocean Conservancy and Birdlife International, which received a credit of CHF 5 for every vote received (the Rainforest Alliance received almost 50% of the total amount of CHF 10,000).

These choices reflect a philosophy of supporting environmental causes by promoting positive strategies and behaviours for sustainable and responsible development. While adhesive application in itself is not a polluting practice, Robatech allows for the controlled use of materials in industrial processes thanks to its energy-efficient systems. In some cases, adhesive application offers a valid alternative to the use of plastic, such as in pallet stabilisation where the use of film for wrapping is significantly reduced.

Robatech systems additionally guarantee 30-year backward compatibility on spare parts. The Swiss company has also been pursuing good practices for a number of years now at its production facilities in Muri, where the solar system installed on the warehouse roof in 2014 meets around 50% of the factory’s total energy needs and the heat released by the compressed air system is reused to heat the building in winter.

The Robatech Group has a presence in more than 80 countries worldwide and since 1975 has delivered high-quality controls, application heads and melting and dosing systems that combine energy saving with speed, precision and reliability. The company’s wide-ranging consulting service guarantees rapid and expert customer support for adhesive application and gluing process optimisation.