SACMI Group appoints Giulio Mengoli as its new General Manager


Mengoli has broad international experience, including 5 years working for General Electric and 15 years within the top management of Tetra Pak. He takes over from Claudio Marani, who has led the Group since 2016.

On 1 June this year, Giulio Mengoli was appointed the new General Manager of SACMI Group. His appointment was approved by the Board of Directors of the parent company Sacmi Imola.

A 49-year-old native of Padua, Giulio Mengoli has many years of international experience including top management positions in France, the USA, Brazil, Sweden and Italy.

After joining SACMI in November 2018, Mengoli held the position of General Manager of Sacmi Business Units for 7 months and right from the start worked alongside the current management in defining the Group’s governance and strategic planning.

Giulio Mengoli takes over from Claudio Marani, who was appointed to head the Sacmi Ceramics Division in 2000 and since 2016 had served as the Group’s General Manager.

Giulio Mengoli’s appointment at the helm of Sacmi Group sends out a clear message of our intention to further consolidate the Group’s international position and strengthen its leadership in all business areas,” said Chairman Paolo Mongardi. Alongside the development of its core business areas, Sacmi’s medium-term priorities include issues of digital transformation and the circular economy, “to offer increasingly customised products and services in line with the real needs of production and the market”, he added.