Sacmi line at CDK Integrated Industry factory in Lagos now fully operational


CDK Integrated Industry Limited, a leading Nigerian high-end porcelain tile manufacturer, has adopted latest-generation Sacmi technology for its new factory commissioned in late 2016 north of Lagos.

The complete 3.5 million sqm/year line installed by the Imola-based company includes a 9,000 litre Sacmi ATE 90 spray dryer, two PH 3020 presses for the production of medium to large size tiles, a 5-tier EM5 dryer with a 285 mm entrance width, a complete glaze preparation department and a new Sacmi FCC roller kiln (length 180.6 metres and entrance width 2950 mm).

One of the highest-performing kilns in Africa, it is equipped with all the latest heat recovery technology as well as an SPR system designed to boost energy savings and efficiency.

Sacmi has also supplied three complete sorting lines produced by Nuova Sima, including two for the kiln department and one for the finishing department.

The plant produces matt glazed and glazed polished tiles in 60x60 cm, 30x60 cm, 40x40 cm, 45x90 cm and 60x120 cm sizes to European and international standards, with stringent tests and quality control procedures conducted at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Specifications include minimal water absorption (below 0.5%), apparent porosity, apparent density and resistance to deep abrasion, surface abrasion and thermal shock.