Sacmi posts revenues of more than 1.4 billion euros


Sacmi Imola has posted very positive results for the third consecutive year, ending 2017 with growth in both revenue and EBITDA with respect to 2016. The group results also showed an improvement over the previous year with sales of 1.434 billion euros and a consolidated net result of more than 35 million euros, likewise up on 2016.

As for the financial position, Sacmi Imola’s net working capital and the consolidated group results at the end of 2017 were in line with 2016 values, and invested net capital was similarly aligned with the previous year’s figures despite the growth in total turnover. The company’s net financial position improved, as did net assets which exceeded 660 million euros.

Exports remained stable at 84% of total sales volumes. In a very positive overall context, the Italian market showed particularly strong growth: +23% in the Ceramics division alone, the Group’s most important business area.

“The important results achieved in the business year were driven by the excellent performances by the Ceramics Division and the Closures & Containers Business Unit,” commented Paolo Mongardi, Chairman of Sacmi Imola. “The Ceramics Division accounts for around 70% of sales volumes and in 2017 saw a further improvement on recent years’ growth, outperforming both the final 2016 figures and the 2017 budget forecasts. The Closures & Containers B.U. is also maintaining its growth with strong levels of exports to more than 60 countries worldwide.”

The financial statements of all the subsidiaries, including recent acquisitions such as Eurofilter and B&B, made a significant contribution to the group’s economic and financial results, without counting the acquisition of a 100% stake in CMC at the end of 2017 as part of a technical and logistic development project that involved the construction of a new site in the municipality of Casalgrande.

The number of employees increased in a year from 4,239 to 4,305, with a particularly large increase in numbers in the Emilia-Romagna ceramic cluster where the company has intensified investments both in new skills and in new facilities and manufacturing units. Sacmi continues to play a strategic role within the Emilia-Romagna regional economy both as a key partner for the ceramic and packaging districts and as a major supply chain player with more than 570 million euros of purchases from local suppliers per year.

In 2017 Sacmi Imola and all other Group companies implemented organisational, manufacturing and service solutions meeting Industry 4.0 criteria. In this connection, as well as developing a new model of internal governance, the company also saw an increase in sales of the new SACMI H.E.R.E. (Human Expertise for Reactive Engineering) supervisor, the platform designed to implement services and solutions for monitoring, maintenance and predictive diagnostics.