Sacmi R2, cutting-edge isostatic punches, now also for large slabs


R2 is the Sacmi 'formula' that uses isostatic punches to obtain perfectly square products without any transparency effect. At Tecnargilla 2018, then, Sacmi Molds&Dies - the world leader with over 25,000 moulds produced and sold globally - will present the last word in large slab moulding.

The problem is an old one and has, until now, been solved, in the best of cases, by using complex, extremely costly remedies. The need to avoid transparency (the repetition of regular patterns on finished surfaces caused by density differences induced by traditional isostatic punches) at the polishing or lapping stages means that ceramic manufacturers are forced to combine stiff punches with an isostatic module to keep squareness at acceptable levels or perform significant post-fire grinding.

With R2, the isostatic module reverts to being a simple isostatic punch and provides a 3-pronged advantage: perfect slab squareness, elimination of the transparency effect and simplification of the mould.

Perfect slab aesthetics, together with the guarantee of less downtime and maintenance, sets Sacmi R2 aside from every other solution on the market.

More generally, this solution is part of Sacmi's drive to innovate and adapt traditional pressing to make it more suitable for larger sizes: for example, the fair will see the launch of the new integrated-automation PH 16000 Imola Series, equipped with the automatic mould changeover solution, again by Sacmi M&D.

Tecnargilla 2018 also offers the perfect stage on which to present, alongside R2, all the advantages of the CRS (fast mould changeover) system. This innovative, globally successful Sacmi technology slashes in-press mould replacement times from several hours to just a few minutes, providing significant advantages in terms of flexibility, safety and lower consumption. It's a solution that's now thoroughly tried and tested and customer feedback continues to highlight major competitive advantages compared to alternative technologies.

Visitors to Tecnargilla will have a valuable opportunity to get a close look at both the CRS mould and the new Sacmi Molds&Dies R2 punch; the latter will be mounted on the latest generation of mould changeover carriages produced by CMC, a long-standing provider of mechanical solutions to the ceramic and industrial automation sectors and fully owned by the Sacmi Group since 2018.