Sacmi revolutionizes the packaging of large ceramic slabs and panels


Until now, the scope for individually packaged ceramic tiles and slabs ended with the 900/1200x1800/2000 size, but thanks to a special “Tseries packaging machine developed by Sacmi-Nuova Sima, manufacturers can now tray-package items as large as 1200x2400 mm.

This innovative end-of-line solution is the result of intense design work and the answer to specific requests from a number of customers, where the system has been successfully commissioned.

The new packaging machine is part of an integrated, fully automated sorting, packaging and handling solution. The first stage is the Flawmaster, the Surface Inspection system for accurate control of the dimensional (size, planarity), surface and colour characteristics of the product. Downstream, manufacturers can install the EkoWrap or EkoRoll perimeter packagers that give cardboard savings of over 50% and boost efficiency. Then there is EkoSort; this new line stands out on account of a simplified sorting system that can be configured directly via the software and operate independently of size or thickness, with consequent minimization of format changeover times.

Nuova Sima new feature is now the special “T” series packager, in turn designed for integrated downstream operation with the EkoSort stacker. All thus-packaged products (large formats and sub-multiples) are then sent to the single palletizing island where a combined system can position the boxes on pallets, via a picker unit, or, alternatively, transfer the slabs to crates and/or stands via innovative suction cup tables. Lastly, counterbalanced LGVs (Laser Guided Vehicles) designed by Nuova Sima carry the various load types (pallets, crates, stands), taking routes that maximise logistical efficiency and safeguard the package.

This kind of solutions have already been installed in Italy, Germany, Spain, Turkey and the United States and represent a step towards transforming large slab logistics, an essential part of the far-reaching 4.0 modernisation that is revolutionising ceramic manufacturing.