Sacmi supplies technology for the new Lasselsberger line in the Czech Republic


The new S9 large-size tile line was started up in July in Chlumčany (Czech Republic) as part of an investment plan aimed at achieving total automation.

Following a 30 million euro investment, in July this year Lasselsberger Group started up a new S9 line in its factory in Chlumčany, Czech Republic, complete with cutting-edge Sacmi technology for the production of large-size ceramic tiles.

Sacmi supplied the entire body preparation department (from the MMC modular mill to the ATM 65 dryer), two PH6500 and PH7500 presses (equipped with punch pressure hydraulic control and the CRS rapid mould change system) and the large FBN dual-channel roller kiln. Designed for an output of up to 4 million sq.m a year, the new line comes with full automation, including Nuova Sima-Sacmi LGV laser-guided vehicles for storage unit and pallet handling.

Lasselsberger’s investment is part of a wider programme pursued by the Austrian multinational to achieve total automation of its factories. In keeping with a “total care” approach, all the main Sacmi machines are ready to be interfaced with the 4.0 supervision and remote assistance systems. This next step in the project will be implemented in all the group’s facilities.

Sacmi has a longstanding partnership with Lasselsberger and supplied a number of complete lines for the factories of Sanex in Romania and Rako 3 in the Czech Republic over the two-year period 2015-2016.