Seiko Instruments celebrates 80th anniversary


First established in 1937 as a manufacturer of wristwatches, Seiko Instruments is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year following a successful strategy of growth, innovation and diversification.

Exploiting its enormous expertise in the field of precision technology, in the 1980s SII entered the segment of IT equipment and electronic components and established itself as a general mechatronics company. Following the founding of SII Printek Inc. in 2001 for the production of inkjet printheads, in recent years the Japanese group has successfully established itself in the ceramic industry.

Amongst the latest additions to the range, the RC1536 and RC1536-L printheads ensure constant, high-speed ink circulation, allowing for the removal of bubbles and impurities and avoiding sedimentation of large-size particles of ink pigment. This means they are able to operate over a wide range of viscosities and can meet all needs of the ceramic industry. The large print width (108 mm) also allows the print bar to be configured with a small number of printheads. The RC1536 and RC1536-L printheads are able to achieve special digital effects such as white, gloss, matt, metallic, lustre and reactive sinking ink. The RC1536-L version can discharge 70 g/m² at 25 m/min. (35 g/m² at 50 m/min.). Drop volume can be chosen from 13 to 150 pl on the RC1536 and from 25 to 225 pl on the RC1536L.