Sicer expands its Indonesian plant and launches a virtual 3D Gallery


In September, the Italian glaze and colour producer opened an elegant and spacious showroom at its Indonesian site and launched a virtual 3D Gallery of its Ubersetto showroom

The renowned Italian glaze and colour producer Sicer is continuing its expansion and renovation projects at a rapid pace. Despite the challenging global economic situation, in September the company completed the expansion of its Indonesian site, opening new offices as well as an elegant and spacious 300 square metre showroom.

Built in accordance with the design philosophy shared by all Sicer showrooms, the new venue hosts exclusively ceramic materials and slabs produced by local and international customers. The project reaffirms one of the company’s key aims of focusing strongly on its customers, who make a vital contribution to the Sicer spirit both here and in all other locations around the world.

The same customer-oriented focus underpins the concept of a Virtual 3D Gallery, an immersive experience that allows visitors to take a 360° tour of the Italian showroom at Sicer’s headquarters in Ubersetto (Fiorano Modenese). This virtual tour offers a truly interactive experience: while navigating around the showroom, visitors can zoom in on products and admire their surface characteristics, as well as click on links to view detailed product information and watch videos illustrating the various applications used. This innovative communication tool exploits the opportunities offered by digital technology and was also developed to overcome the restrictions on travel and physical interaction with customers caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.