Sicer upgrades its Technology Lab


Sicer has installed new state-of-the-art laboratory instruments including simultaneous thermal and spectroscopic analysis equipment for the characterisation of semi-finished products

Even the coronavirus pandemic has been unable to halt the research activities of Sicer’s Technology Lab, which has recently been upgraded with new investments. Thanks to the new laboratory equipment installed in May coupled with the expertise of Sicer highly specialized technicians, the Italian glaze and colour producer offers a professional, high-quality service for ceramic industry customers.

Amongst the many instruments present in the laboratory, one of the most important is the combined TGA-DSC-IR system, a simultaneous thermal and spectroscopic analysis system capable of analysing raw materials, ceramic bodies, inks, glazes and grits.

Using these instruments, Sicer is able to identify the processes that occur during the preparation of semi-finished products (ceramic bodies, inks, glazes and grits) and during tile firing. The laboratory can perform qualitative/quantitative analysis of organic and inorganic compounds and can determine the nature of emissions generated during the firing process, a key aspect for protection of the environment and for the development of eco-friendly products such as the famous .LE series Low Emission inks.