SITI B&T Group supplies new complete line to Porcelanite-Lamosa


Lamosa, the world’s third largest tile manufacturer in 2015, followed up its acquisition of the Porcelanite brand with the 2016 takeover of the San Lorenzo Group and its numerous factories in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru, thereby becoming the leading player in the whole of Latin America. At the same time it has continued its investments in expanding the output of the Mexican facilities of Guanajuato and Tlaxcala, which are set to reach a capacity of 24,000 sq.m/day of porcelain and single-fired tiles. For this project, Lamosa has adopted two new complete lines supplied by SITI B&T Group, which are equipped with the latest technological innovations developed by the Italian group.

The key items of machinery in the order are the EVO presses, equipped with E-Synchro® and Fasty patented technologies for 30-minute mould changing, and the Titanium® kiln with lower fossil fuel consumption and emissions (-30%), as well as squaring and score-and-snap cutting lines from Ancora Group for finishing and production of submultiples. Cutting-edge digital decoration solutions from Projecta Engineering, including a latest-generation G5 printer equipped with G Scanner and two EVO H8 units, have also been supplied. For internal handling, the Mexican group has opted for latest-generation logistics solution with fully-automatic guided vehicles that improve operator safety and guarantee maximum production flexibility.

SITI B&T Group has been operating in the Mexican market for more than 20 years with a branch in Monterrey and leading customers in the local ceramic industry.