SITI BT joins OPC Foundation


Reflecting its focus on Industry 4.0 concepts, SITI BT has improved its value proposition by joining the OPC Foundation (better known as the OLE for Process Control Foundation), an industrial consortium that establishes and maintains standards for open device connectivity in the industrial sector, thereby guaranteeing a continuous flow of information and secure, reliable data exchange between devices.

The Formigine-based company is the only player in the ceramic machinery industry to have adhered to the specifications of the OPC (Open Platform Communications) standard defining the interface between clients and the server (and between server and server), including real-time access to data, alarm and event monitoring, access to historical data and other applications. This series of key elements can be used to measure plant performance, create a predictive maintenance system, maximise machine lifetime and reduce consumptions while improving the line’s overall production efficiency. The use of OPC can be exploited effectively to ensure transparent communication between a given supplier’s products and create a unique and totally interconnected system.

To minimise the risk of data violation, the OPC has also created the SecureChannel Service Set for managing a protected data flow and ensuring confidentiality and integrity for messages exchanged with the server.