SITI B&T supplies first complete Supera® line for large-size tiles in Iran


The Formigine-based SITI B&T Group has opened up the Iranian large-size tile market through an agreement to install the first complete Supera® line for the ceramic tile manufacturer Rock Sanat (MA Ceram), one of the country’s leading producers and a longstanding SITI B&T customer.

Thanks to the 36,000 ton Supera® pressing system and an XXL single-channel kiln (with entrance width of 3850 mm), this new line will produce the largest porcelain panels and slabs ever made in Iran, in sizes up to 1600x3200 mm and thicknesses up to 25 mm.

The order from Rock Sanat also includes the entire raw materials preparation plant, equipped with latest-generation continuous modular mills to ensure the maximum stability and efficiency of production. Drying will be performed by a 5-layer single-channel dryer with high energy efficiency and maximum productivity, while the glazing and decoration department will consist of a fully digitalised line with G5 technology from Projecta Engineering. For handling and storage, SITI B&T Group will supply the BiBox loading and unloading machines, while for the end-of-line stage it will deliver an automatic palletisation system with Smartline sorting lines.

The agreement with Rock Sanat marks the continuation of SITI B&T Group’s long-term R&D project as a global full provider of ceramic technology but with a special focus on the shaping and firing stages. Research carried out on Supera® has led to the development of an innovative pressing system with a number of advantages: it optimises productivity while using the same glazed porcelain tile bodies; it offers exceptional aesthetic versatility (up to 10 surface textures with depths of up to 4 mm) and flexibility in terms of sizes and thicknesses (very large and very small sizes and thicknesses up to 30 mm); and the use of a patented technology and the tensionless device avoids defects and rejects.

Given the enormous potential of the Iranian market and its strong inclination to invest in Italian technology, SITI B&T plans to open a local branch by the end of 2018.