SITI B&T supplies innovative technology to Baldocer


Baldocer, a well-known Spanish ceramic company, has commissioned Siti B&T Group to build a new latest-generation plant that combines high product quality with an eco-friendly production process.

The new line is already fully operational and produces high-end full-body porcelain tiles for interior and exterior applications.

The plant consists of a high-tonnage EVO 7208 press equipped with a powder loading carriage that guarantees increased production, reduced downtime and lower spare parts costs, a five-channel horizontal dryer, and a high-performance single-channel roller kiln (with entrance width 3250 mm and a length of 179.8 metres) which ensures perfect control of the internal temperature distribution (and consequently a reduction in energy consumption) and low CO and CO2 emissions.

The line also includes a complete storage system serving the process machines. This investment has enabled the Baldocer group to attain a total production capacity of 14,000 sq.m/day.