SITI B&T to develop hydrogen-powered kilns within three years


The group’s research efforts ahead of the energy transition aim to improve kiln efficiency, combining significant immediate energy savings with the replacement of fossil fuels by 2024

SITI B&T Group is stepping up its research efforts with a focus on new hydrogen-based technologies to help ceramic producers embrace the energy transition.

After making all its kilns hydrogen ready, in 2021 SITI B&T took a further step forward with the launch of a research project to develop kilns powered by a mixture of traditional fuels and hydrogen. The company’s ambitious goal is to develop eco-friendly carbon-free firing technology within the next three years so as to further reduce the use of fossil fuels and cut atmospheric emissions.

In the meantime, soaring natural gas prices have made it vital for ceramic producers to reduce their energy consumption in the shortest possible time. For this purpose, SITI B&T offers highly energy efficient solutions such as its Titanium kilns which guarantee a more than 30% reduction in fuel consumption.

These performance levels are demonstrated by the experience of one of Europe’s largest ceramic tile manufacturers, which has reported a drastic reduction in consumption and annual savings of more than €700,000 after replacing a conventional kiln with a double-channel Titanium kiln. More than 100 Titanium kilns have been installed since their launch, more than half of which are in Europe and the rest in other major world markets, primarily Brazil, Russia, Central America and Asia.

To immediately improve the efficiency of kilns currently in operation, including a number of very old models, customers can choose SITI B&T’s range of Vulcan burners capable of reducing natural gas consumption by between 8% and 10%.