Smaltochimica to produce sanitising gels for donation to hospitals


The first large batches are planned by mid-April and will be donated to the AUSL of Bergamo and Sassuolo

Smaltochimica, a well-known Italian chemical company based in Spezzano, has announced that it has converted some of its lines to the production of sanitising gels to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Faced with the chronic shortage of these alcohol-based products, which are now more essential than ever for effective sanitisation in hospitals, homes and workplaces, Smaltochimica has decided to make its chemical knowledge and expertise available to the community in keeping with its strong sense of civic and social responsibility.

The first large batches of sanitising gels will be produced by mid-April and will be delivered to the local health authorities in Bergamo, the city most affected by the pandemic in Italy, and Sassuolo, to which the company has already donated 2,300 masks from its own stocks.

As Smaltochimica holds CPI (no. 40354 MO) and ISO 14001:2015 certifications and has the necessary skills and equipment for processing flammable products, it will shortly be able to produce alcohol-based sanitisers continuously and in compliance with regulations as requested by government authorities.