Soltek launches Fokus


Soltek is unveiling its new dry squaring/chamfering machine, a highly automated solution capable of increasing both productivity and quality

Building on its decades-long experience in precision mechanics and continuous research investments, Pisa-based ceramic surface treatment company Soltek is expanding its range of Industry 4.0 technologies with the market launch of a new dry squaring and chamfering machine called Fokus.

The solution developed by the company, the ceramic division of the CO.ME.S. Group, is an advanced solution that aims to meet the tile and slab manufacturing industry’s needs in terms of product optimisation, operational efficiency and greater productivity thanks to increasingly automated digital processes.

Covered by 3 patents, Fokus is a smart squaring machine that automatically carries out actions previously performed manually by expert personnel while maintaining the settings made by the operator at the beginning of the production process. Thanks to the machine's performance characteristics and full control over the grinding process by the operator, Fokus allows for a significant increase in production volumes and quality, with 98% of first choice material. It also stands out for its long-term reliability.