Surfaces Group expands in Russia


The merger of Tek Abrasives (Noginsk) with Surfaces Vostok boosts the Surfaces Group’s commercial presence and production capacity in Russia.

With the recent merger of Noginsk-based company Tek Abrasives into Surfaces Vostok, the Surfaces Group has strengthened its commercial presence and production capacity in the Russian market. It now has two sites: the head office in Vostok, near Moscow, and the Noginsk facility, 100 km east of the capital. The operation will improve production efficiency and commercial cooperation from a group perspective. The sales network has been greatly expanded to ensure more extensive coverage of the Russian market, a strategic area where the Surfaces Group serves small and medium-sized local manufacturers as well as production plants set up in Russia by large Italian companies.

“Despite the problems caused by the pandemic, the Russian market continues to hold strong, with significant investments being made in the construction sector. The ceramic industry has set its sights on high-quality products and appreciates the excellence of Italian solutions”, explains Gianluca Rota, Surfaces Group’s head of Russian operations.

The expansion of the group’s facilities and resources will bring significant benefits in terms of production, more effective distribution of the Surfaces T.A., Adi, Luna Abrasivi and NoCoat brands, and an improved technical service. More extensive market coverage will be provided by the three warehouses in Stupino, Orël and Noginsk. The ADI technical support service for squaring products will also be extended.

However, the most significant effect concerns the expansion of production activities. Luna Abrasivi tools are already in production and are now being joined by Surfaces T.A. tools (abrasive mounted on rubber and plastic) and a range of products for natural stone and for ceramic polishing. The presence of a chemical product mixing plant will also enable NoCoat products to be developed locally in the near future. This will resolve issues relating to the logistics and transport of chemical treatments, whose formulations may be affected by large temperature fluctuations.