System Ceramics anticipates the future of ceramic decoration at Cevisama 2020


System Ceramics will showcase the new digital printer Creadigit Infinity at Cevisama 2020 (Valencia, Spain, 3-7 February).

System Ceramics will exhibit at Cevisama 2020 with its branch System España (Nivel 2 – Pad. 7, stand B17) to showcase its new digital printer Creadigit Infinity, which represents the future of digital decoration for the ceramic sector.

Creadigit Infinity is fitted with a calculation power never seen before, thanks to the new CoreXpress platform: the processing unit, one for each color bar, which manages all the operations carried out to reproduce the image on the ceramic surface. It’s a latest-generation processor with a rapid and immediately available memory, allowing for a further and significant improvement in performances.

The gathering of information is assigned to various pieces of equipment which, through an appropriate network of sensors, manage to provide data rapidly to the part of the machine performing the processing activity.

The System Ceramics’ R&S department has focused, in particular, on the management of the flow of this information towards the heads, so that they can exchange data in real time and at high speed also in the presence of significant changes to the image during the printing phase, such as, for example, the management of shade uniformity, the “connection” of the heads, the “color variations”, the rotation, the deformation, the addition of specific variable components for each tile.

As we know very well, extensive calculation capacity is a fundamental element that enables digital processes to work in an effective and complete manner.

The future of ceramic decoration lies in collaborative digitalization, and Infinity is the solution.

Every machine has to complete a digital process in which each single ink influences the final result. For this reason, Creadigit Infinity can be fitted with 12 or more print modules fitted inside, and each bar can have different heads installed (SG1024 400 dpi, RC1536 360 dpi, SG600 600 dpi, SG777 777 dpi).

System Ceramics is concentrating its efforts on this new idea of collaborative digital printing, allowing for an even more flexible and variable process, characterized by a printing infrastructure developed to be modular and deployed on the same line.