System Ceramics supplies Superfast press to Brazilian company Biancogres


Biancogres has installed an innovative mouldless pressing system that guarantees maximum flexibility and efficiency in the production of sizes ranging from traditional formats up to 1200x3600 mm.

Biancogres, a leading Brazilian ceramic manufacturer based in Serra, in the state of Espírito Santo, has completed a major technological investment aimed at expanding its production range and delivering the best ceramic solutions to the local market. The main focus of the investment was the installation of the new Superfast 25000 mouldless press from System Ceramics, an innovative solution based on in-depth engineering studies aimed at achieving the highest standards of quality and efficiency while optimising the production process.

Superfast stands out for its high level of flexibility in the production of traditional sizes with variable thicknesses and for the sustainability of the process, which guarantees 100% recycling of unfired material and consequently zero waste. With an annual production of 36 million square metres and an industrial site covering more than 300,000 square metres, Biancogres is now able to complete its range of floor and wall tiles thanks to latest-generation technologies capable of producing modular sizes up to 1200x3600 mm and in thicknesses from 3 to 30 mm. It can also work with a wide range of incoming raw materials in terms of moisture content, flowability and particle size.

The order for Biancogres was fulfilled with the support of the System Brasil branch based in Rio Claro, which has been providing high-quality technical assistance in Brazil for over 25 years.