System Ceramics technology to be adopted in South Korea


The ceramic company Taeyoung is set to install two Compacta sorting lines equipped with a Falcon Millennium palletiser and Multigecko system.

System Ceramics’ end-of-line technology is making inroads in South Korea, a technologically advanced country that makes extensive use of robots and industrial automation. The ceramic company Taeyoung, renowned as a leading manufacturer of products for large-scale projects, has chosen System Ceramics’ technologies for the end-of-line stage at its ultra-modern plant, where two Compacta sorting lines with a Falcon Millennium palletiser and Multigecko system will be installed.

Compacta, Multigecko and Falcon Millennium are advanced automated systems that bring a high-performance mechatronic approach to the crucial end-of-line stage of the ceramic manufacturing process. In particular, the Compacta sorting line sorts the tiles and stacks them on two sides, ensuring maximum efficiency and quiet operation. The system’s open structure allows sorting classes to be viewed immediately. The operating cycle guarantees maximum care in handling and allows tiles to be stacked without knocking or rubbing against each other. Size change can be performed quickly and easily from the control panel equipped with a Copilot industrial PC. Last but not least, Compacta also saves space compared to a conventional sorting machine.