System Group in Brazil


At Revestir in Sao Paulo, System Group presents the state of the art of its tecnological innovations, which are more and more appreciated by the Brazilian ceramic tile industry, due to the fact that they are able to satisfy both the local renowned manufacturing needs (with 24/7 flows) and the new upcoming trends. Over the last two years, in fact, South America has been turning to the manufacturing of products with a high aesthetic quality, technical and glazed porcelain tiles, large-size tiles, along with rectified/lapped/cut tiles (for jointless installation).

The creation of process solutions dedicated to big South American tile manufacturers is one of the reasons why some of System's patents are now regarded as a well-established standard in this market. For example, the Easy Line BS08 sorter, the integrated Falcon P palletiser that currently also manages large formats and special formats, the Qualitron BS quality control technology that over the last 18 months saw soaring requests for installation due to the widespread desire to turn this into an automated step. Not to forget are also the Multigecko sorter that selects the tiles based on their quality, and  the international standard 4Phases packaging machine that creates cardboard frames to suit products with 80% less raw material.

In Brazil, as in other South American countries, there is also an increasing use of digital decoration, which for System is synonymous with Creadigit, i.e. high printing resolution and no defects.

At Revestir 2015 the System Ceramics unit will also present the Nuova Era storage and kiln infeed/outfeed solutions, including the recently shown Multimaxi solution, i.e. an original dynamic storage system for raw material at the kiln's infeed.

There will also be room to learn about the AGV automated guided vehicles for in-house handling, vehicles that in a short space of time have quadrupled sales in America. Finally, the Modula  vertical drawer magazines to efficiently store molds, spare parts and accessories.

"With our branches in South America (in Rio Claro, Buenos Aires and Bogotà), we don't just offer a pre-sales service, but also full support during the installation stages and for the whole period of time the machine is used by the client, say Brazil area managers Giuseppe Rossi and Ricardo Koch. "Plus, there is the service provided by the Tosilab laboratory (a company controlled by System), specialised in creating exclusive graphics. This way we don't just guarantee a printing tool, but the on-site and remote presence of specialised technical personnel and designers with extensive experience in the field of graphics, a decisive aspect for competing tile manufacturers."

"Manufacturers are also showing great interest for the Gea press and the System Lamina production line, the cutting-edge new entries presented by System, says Giuseppe Rossi. "We have various open projects and currently being defined. The interest is due to the flexibility the factory acquires by adopting this manufacturing process: the factory will be able to create products of the desired format and thickness with no limitations imposed by the machine. In general, the System Lamina process brings efficiency and energy savings, plus savings in terms of raw material and employs more eco-friendly inks as they are water-based inks. Manufacturers also show interest for the progress of the brand-new entry in the sector, Diversa, the fully digital decoration and glazing process."