System supplies automation for American Wonder Porcelain plant


American Wonder Porcelain, the US division of the Marco Polo Group (Dongguan City, China) is investing in System automation for its new porcelain tile plant in Lebanon, Tennessee. The new investment will allow the company to expand its product range and introduce new sizes up to 600x1200 mm.

For the end-of-line department, System will supply two fully automated sorting lines complete with Qualitron artificial vision system, Multigecko sorter, 4Phases packaging machine and Griffon palletiser, all of which are highly flexible machines that allow for a sharp reduction in production costs. American Wonder Porcelain is the first US company to have adopted 4Phases technology for on-demand cardboard packaging. The packaging is created specifically to the size of the stack of tiles and is printed with information and logos in real time before the stack is sent to the palletisation stage.

The Marco Polo Group is also adopting System’s high-definition Creadigit digital printers to obtain products with the highest technical and aesthetic quality. Creadigit technology has already been adopted widely by US manufacturers due to its high productivity and printing precision.

The equipment supplied by System also includes several Robobox units for unfired product storage and Robofloor units for products leaving the kiln, both developed by the Nuova Era division.