System technologies and automations in Egypt


The Egyptian ceramic tile industry is continuing to show strong demand for cutting-edge process technologies and automation.

Examples include Ceramica Royal, which by the end of the year is due to start up the 7 Creadigit digital decorating machines ordered from System between December and February, and Al Omaraa, which is set to install a further 5 Creadigit units for high-definition digital printing at its Suez facility. As the first Egyptian ceramic manufacturer to produce porcelain tiles in sizes greater than 600x600 mm (now as large as 1200x1200 mm), Al Omaraa is also equipping its end-of-line department with three Multigecko sorters from System designed to handle large-format tiles.

The Alrajaa Group is also consolidating its partnership with System by focusing on automation. Over the last six months it has purchased three Easy Line sorting lines and a Falcon Millennium palletiser, while a Creadigit printer was delivered in late January. The Group has also ordered two stand-alone calibration and flatness control devices from System, which are compatible with the existing sorting lines of third-party suppliers.