System unveils Diversa digital technology




Diversa, the new digital offering from System, was one of the most frequently visited machines at the recent Tecnargilla.

A revolutionary glazing line concept, it packs a total of 36 applications into a clean, pressurised, digitalised space just 25 metres in length. By using digital technology, this line will be capable of glazing, decorating, creating effects and reliefs and depositing protective layers on the tile.

At the 6th Annual symposium "Digital Decoration and Glazing of Ceramic Tiles" organised during the exhibition by Acimac and Tecnargilla, System's chairman Franco Stefani presented the Diversa philosophy to the 800 participants.

The Diversa system embraces a layer concept, enabling tiles to be decorated with the utmost flexibility in production runs as short as an hour.

The line consists of a number of totally synchronised stations, the first of which is Layerdigit, a machine with a simple new printhead design and recirculation facility allowing for the use of water-based products with a particle size of 6 µm. It can load a maximum of 4 different products and deposit up to 400 g/m2 of material per application.

Further high and low resolution stations (400 dpi and 200 dpi) guarantee the maximum flexibility with the use of glaze-engobes, coloured effect, gloss, opaque and matt glazes, colour graphics (up to 16 colours), metallic glazes, protective layers and powder applications. The large printing width (minimum 1200 mm) together with a belt speed of 10 m/min. will ensure the same levels of productivity as narrow high-speed lines.