Technical webinars by SITI B&T


Siti B&T has launched a comprehensive online programme of technical training seminars for international customers, available in seven languages

In the coming days, SITI B&T Group will be launching its new programme of technological webinars aimed at keeping its customers constantly up to date with the most important technical and plant engineering solutions developed by the Formigine-based group.

Each webinar will be devoted to a specific aspect of the ceramic production process, from the preparation of raw materials to the surface finishing of slabs, as well as increasingly essential aspects such as the smart factory and remote assistance.

The webinars are aimed at an international clientele and will be translated not only into English but also into Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish and Vietnamese to ensure maximum diffusion and understanding in all the main ceramic manufacturing areas around the world.

The webinars will focus in particular on the new SUPERA HP® integrated belt pressing line for large slabs and its numerous benefits: enormous flexibility in terms of sizes and small to large thicknesses; zero defects or waste; optimised productivity thanks to the use of the same bodies as traditional glazed porcelain.

In-depth analysis will also be devoted to body preparation, the new EVO 8308 and 10008 presses, Titanium® firing, the finishing solutions proposed by Ancora (lapping of large slabs, super glossy treatments, high productivity dry grinding), and digital decoration by Projecta Engineering (the Full Digital Line with Innova and Innovafix).

Finally, there will be sessions devoted to Connectivity 4.0, with a focus on the BT TUTOR complete supervision system, and customer service, a particularly important aspect at the present time.