Tecno Diamant develops new eco-friendly tools


This year the Formigine-based company has launched a new range of copper, cobalt and nickel-free tools for use in wet and dry calibration and cutting processes.

To meet the needs of a sustainable and circular economy, Tecno Diamant has developed an innovative range of eco-friendly tools that will support ceramic companies in their efforts to implement green processes. These copper, cobalt and nickel-free tools are used for dry and wet calibration and cutting, allowing dust and sludge to be recycled during the tile production process.

Renowned for its focus on research and development of new products coupled with a highly customised portfolio, Tecno Diamant has been a market leader in the production and distribution of diamond tools for cutting, squaring, lapping, chamfering and profiling processes since it was founded in 1995. In 2020, it launched Fickert abrasives for full field and crest lapping processes, solutions that have rapidly been adopted by leading ceramic manufacturers.

Tecno Diamant has expanded continuously over the years and now employs 70 people at its headquarters in Formigine (Modena). It also has five foreign branches in Brazil, Spain, Poland, Russia and China, two official distributors in the USA and Portugal and more than 700 customers worldwide. As of 2022, the 1,000 square metre facility in Spezzano (Fiorano Modenese, MO) will serve as the production site for the company’s flagship “metallic diamond” and “resinoid diamond” divisions.