Tecno Italia supplies a further five DIGIGLAZE 4.0 units to Frascari Group


Following 9 months of operation at Antica Ceramica in Rubiera, the Frascari Group has reaffirmed its trust in DIGIGLAZE 4.0, extending the economic and application benefits of the technology to the Group’s other facilities.

Following 9 months of operation at Antica Ceramica in Rubiera, the Italian ceramic tile manufacturer Frascari Group has reaffirmed its trust in the DIGIGLAZE 4.0 technology with the purchase of a further 5 new machines to be installed in the Group’s other factories. This market success comes shortly after the technology was recognised at a European level as the “greenest” glazing machine in the sector (July 2019).

Frascari Group decided to renew its trust in DIGIGLAZE 4.0 based on the production data collected by Tecno Italia to evaluate the real impact of this technology on the glazing process in collaboration with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

The following are the most significant data and advantages:

  • Savings of up to 30% of glaze due to the fact that DIGIGLAZE 4.0 does not require suction. Nebulisation is unnecessary as the product is applied by gravity in liquid form at the same density and viscosity as in the feeding tank.
  • 8-10% reduction in the applied glaze quantity thanks to a higher white point.
  • 5-10% saving on the digital colours used. Engobe application by means of DIGIGLAZE 4.0 ensures a more uniform, compact and well calibrated surface with a higher white point compared to an airless system, resulting in higher digital colour resolution. All colours are brighter and more intense, enhancing the sense of depth and contrast in the graphic design.
  • Zero air purification costs: with DIGIGLAZE 4.0 air purification is no longer necessary.
  • Washing required only when changing product type (or if the machine will not be used for one or more days). Around 20-30 litres of water is sufficient for each washing cycle. This brings two advantages: reduced water consumption and consequently lower water purification costs.
  • No loss of production due to frequent washing as the machine is washed only during glaze or size changes.

Installing a DIGIGLAZE 4.0 today means being able to produce tiles according to the new FULL DIGITAL system, fully exploiting advantages such as cost reduction and environment protection.