Ten Continua+ lines installed in 2014


Production flexibility and creativity are the key factors that have driven the success of Continua+ technology from Sacmi since it was first presented in late 2013.

In 2014 alone the Imola-based group installed and started up 10 new Continua+ production plants worldwide, joining the 16 traditional Continua lines installed since the first prototype of this technology was launched in 2003.

As well as producing large ceramic panels with smooth or textured surfaces without any limitations in terms of sizes or thickness and using a continuous pressing process, Continua+ offers extensive potential for one-step decoration using DDD digital decorating machines and the DHD1808 inkjet printer from Sacmi-Intesa. Flexibility is guaranteed by the integrated cutting machine, which allows for the production of any size simply by changing a few settings. 

"Almost as if it were a perfectly choreographed dance, Continua+ transforms raw materials into finished objects. Continua+ technology offers 'the type of machine' that a designer dreams of encountering". These were the words of international designer Ronan Boroullec, of the famed Boroullec Brothers, recently listed in Wallpaper Magazine as one of the world's top 100 designers.