“Textures that excite”: Molde Azul presents the latest trends for 3D surfaces


Molde Azul has become a leading reference point as for the design of new textures and reliefs allowing ceramic companies to differentiate their product proposal and defend their value offer.

Molde Azul, a leading Spanish company in the ceramic sector for the design of reliefs and textures and the manufacture of moulds and punches, has held its first Trends Exhibition at its facilities under the motto Textures that excite.

Molde Azul in constant evolution in its process of innovation and continuous improvement, looking for new ways to bring its products closer to customers, has chosen to materialize an exhibition at its facilities to present its latest product proposals. Offering a meeting point for trends and showing the ideas that the team has been working on in recent months.

Nowadays and in a highly competitive market, it is essential to have a wide and experienced in-house Design Department. The company has its own department dedicated exclusively to the design and prototyping of textures and reliefs for ceramics, which supports the customer throughout the product and collection development process. With regard to textures and reliefs, Molde Azul is a product development partner for its customers.

Design is one of the few strategic elements that allow companies to differentiate their product proposal and defend their value offer. Textures and reliefs help to achieve greater realism in the design, enrich the context of any collection and add elegance and personality.

The aesthetic proposals have to go hand in hand with technical experience and manufacturing know-how to guarantee that the design can be transferred to the production plant without variations between the graphic proposal, the prototype and the product manufactured in the factory. That is one of the guarantees of Molde Azul, not only strictly innovative design, but also design that can be manufactured and does not generate problems on the production process. The company's commitment includes assistance and supervision in the production line start-up.

In Molde Azul they know well the power of reliefs and textures, in their first Gallery of Trends by Molde Azul they bet on textures and reliefs inspired by the most natural and avant-garde trends under the philosophy of Texture & Relief Thinking, to offer new sensations and a greater aesthetic realism simulating textures and material.

Currently, Molde Azul has facilities of 10.700 m2, an important and innovative machinery park, everything necessary for working with large-format pieces, a market segment in which they are specialized.

Molde Azul is not only a manufacturer of moulds and punches; they have also become a strategic partner in product development, addressing the entire process, from design to start-up. Currently the company serves more than 60 industrial customers spread over 15 countries.