The BMR Gallery combines innovation, functionality and aesthetics


A year after being opened, the BMR showroom continues to receive a steady stream of visitors from Italy and abroad

The BMR Gallery, opened a year ago at the company’s headquarters in Scandiano (RE) as a place to meet customers and offer them a first-hand view of innovation in the field of finishing, continues to attract large numbers of visitors.

During the week of Cersaie, the gallery was visited by around a hundred professionals from some forty Italian and international ceramic companies operating in Europe (particularly Russia, Romania, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the Czech Republic) and overseas (Brazil, Iran, Mexico and Saudi Arabia).

The Industry 4.0 solutions with high levels of automation and digitalisation are attracting particular interest. One of these is the measuring camera system used on Top Squadra Dry, which has achieved excellent results in terms of customised productivity, including process optimisation from the perspective of time, cost, versatility and environmental sustainability.

We wanted to create this showroom to provide an even more effective response to the new needs of the market, a place where technology meets function and aesthetics,” said BMR’s chairman Paolo Sassi. “We also envisage the showroom as a place for training, for exchanging ideas and for rebuilding human and professional relationships, something that cannot be taken for granted during the challenging pandemic period.”