Ubiquicom reports strong growth


The company, partly owned by Inter Ser, has doubled its revenue generated from advanced solutions for real-time location and tracking.

Ubiquicom, a company partly owned by Inter Ser, posted excellent results in 2018 in terms of both revenue, which doubled with respect to the previous year to 3.11 million euros, and earnings, which grew even more sharply in percentage terms.

Based in Milan, Ubiquicom specialises in the development of products and advanced solutions for real-time indoor and outdoor locating and tracking in unconventional contexts using the most advanced RTLS (Real Time Locating Systems) as well as distributed sensors as part of an IoT vision.

Ubiquicom’s solutions are widely used in the fields of logistics, production and automation, industrial location and operator and vehicle safety and are designed to deliver the most adequate response to specific location and tracking requirements while minimising costs and impacts.

The company aims to provide a concrete response to the future needs of Industry 4.0 by performing intensive R&D work entirely in-house and delivering innovative, flexible and reliable technological solutions for improved process management.

Through Big Data collection, both on-premises and in the cloud, Ubiquicom can help its customers analyse process details using dedicated visualisation and analysis tools and thereby identify improvement opportunities that would otherwise be difficult to detect.

Ubiquicom’s customers include companies of the calibre of ENEL Group, CNH Industrial, Toyota and GLS.