UMG and UMI pledge to maintain stable clay stocks


The stable stock of clays quarried by United Mineral Group and distributed in Italy by United Minerals Italy and in Spain by United Minerals Spain now amounts to a million tons.

One of the leading suppliers of white clays for the ceramic industry, UMG extracts three million tons of plastic clays each year from its three quarries located in Vesco, Druzhkovka and Ogneuporneru, close to the city of Druzhkovka in south-eastern Ukraine. These deposits have reserves totalling 300 million tons. UMG's extensive storage capabilities and the group's logistics and transport network ensure a constant supply of clays to the ceramic industry.

UMI and United Minerals Spain have warehouses respectively in the ports of Ravenna and Castellón de la Plana which serve as major distribution hubs. They also offer comprehensive marine and commercial logistics capable of serving other markets beyond Italy and Spain. The raw materials arriving in Ravenna are continuously analysed in the on-site chemical laboratory, which is equipped with the latest technologies for chemical, mineralogical, colorimetric and particle size analysis and issues certification documents in accordance with specifications agreed on with customers. Ukrainian clays are particularly renowned for their high percentages of aluminium oxide and low percentages of iron oxide.