Villagres installs new ColorGATE CMS Durst Edition system


The well-known Brazilian company aims to further improve the level of quality and design of its porcelain tile collections.

Villagres, a leading Brazilian ceramic tile manufacturer, has become the first company in Brazil to adopt the new True Ceramics ColorGATE CMS Durst Edition colour management system at its facility in Santa Gertrudes. The company is strongly focused on aesthetic research and aims to further raise the quality standards of its range of porcelain tiles, for which it uses the Full HD digital printing technology.

Celso Joaquim de Oliveira, R&D manager of Villagres, confirms the excellent results achieved with the new colour management system, which delivered “quick and precise colour matching right from the first test, even when printing the same design with different inks and glazes”. The system brings numerous advantages in terms of production efficiency and is equipped with Fingerprint technology designed especially for the ceramic industry. These include a sharp reduction in the number of test runs (with minimised glazing line downtimes when repeating products over time), colour chart reading on structured and flat surfaces and measurement in under 3 minutes, as well as visual control of out-of-gamut.