Xaar 1003 printhead improves production at Oscar Ceramics


In February 2016, the Oscar Ceramics factory in Sassuolo decided to replace the Xaar 1002 printheads installed on the digital printers in operation at its factory with the latest Xaar 1003 version, a choice that led to higher quality and production efficiency and lower production costs.

Available in three variants - GS12 (for rich colours or higher speeds), GS6 (for fine detail) and GS40 (for special effects) - the Xaar 1003 printheads have brought considerable improvements in terms of both output and print quality, explained director Enrico Ascari.

Significant benefits include higher speed, line flexibility - particularly for smaller batch sizes - and a dramatic decrease in machine downtime as printhead maintenance is required only once or twice in every 24 hours. Another advantage is the fact that the printheads are backward compatible with the Xaar 1002.

Oscar Ceramics (Oscar for Porcelain and Ceramic Production) is owned by the Egyptian manufacturer Omega Ceramics, which in June 2015 acquired the CBS Group factory in Sassuolo and the brand names La Guglia and Kis.