8th SACMI ALS casting machine starts production at Betta Sanitaryware


Just commissioned in October, with this new supply the production capacity of the Johannesburg factory soars to more than 2 million pieces, entirely handled by SACMI pressure casting machines.

SACMI’s 8th ALS casting machine has been tested and started up with success at Betta Sanitaryware. The leading South-African sanitaryware manufacturer, the company has invested for many years now in SACMI’s pressure technology for the unbeatable advantages it offers and, thanks to the new supply, the total production capacity at the Johannesburg factory now exceeds 2 million pieces/year.

SACMI’s ALS machine is the specially designed solution for the production of washbasins and water tanks of various types, with maximum flexibility and reduced cycle times thanks to process repeatability. At the same time, the distinctive feature of this machinery it its renowned reliability over time, so much so that the first ALS Machine – supplied by SACMI to Betta over 20 years ago to the South-African – is still in operation today to the full satisfaction of the customer.

With this latest supply, SACMI once more demonstrates the superior characteristics of pressure casting technology for top quality production. It also cements our strategic partnership with one of the most important sanitaryware manufacturers in the world; a leading brand of the Ceramic Industries Group.