Ceramica Alice sets its sights on top quality with SACMI-Gaiotto technology


The young Civita Castellana-based company has installed a new GA2000 robot on its fully automated SACMI glazing line

Ceramica Alice, a young sanitaryware manufacturer based in Civita Castellana, is continuing to expand and improve its process efficiency with the successful start-up of a new GA2000 robot on its automated glazing line supplied by SACMI.

The aim of the investment, which also includes the start-up of the first transport line to the SACMI robot, is to guarantee its customers the highest level of quality in the production of Italian-made WCs and designer washbasins.

Renowned worldwide as a benchmark in the field of robotised glazing, the GA2000 robot allows glazing recipes to be programmed off-line, thereby speeding up new product development and time to market. The latest generation robot forms the heart of the new SACMI glazing line, which also comprises two inspection booths installed before the cell, a four-position carousel for glazing, a foot cleaning device and all the automatic handling systems enabling tiles to be transferred from the inspection area to the kiln car loading zone. Full automation of every stage of the production process eliminates manual operations, thereby simplifying the work of the operators and enabling them to be assigned to more skilled tasks.

As for environmental sustainability, the GA2000 robot is equipped with a mass-control system for monitoring the quantity of glaze delivered as well as a dry filter system which allows excess glaze to be recovered, thereby reducing waste and environmental costs associated with the disposal of waste process water. Glaze spraying operations are performed by the high-efficiency and zero-maintenance SACMI GDA80 needle-free spray gun.